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NXT Cloud
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newsxtreme cloud

Need to manage your production remotely, finding it difficult to pay for costly software and server upgrades, unsure of your future print volume – These are reasons why NewsXtreme Cloud is an attractive and practical choice for printers.

With NewsXtreme Cloud, Presteligence manages the infrastructure, eliminating the need for dedicated IT resources, while the publisher uses the secure web interface to schedule jobs, proof pages and plates, and manage their production workflow.

Why hosted cloud solutions are right for newspapers

  • Always using latest version of software
  • 100% redundancy
  • No hardware to maintain
  • Secure environment-eliminates threat of network viruses
  • Ability to adjust production capacity as needed
  • Flat monthly fee based on your plate usage

newsxtreme prepress production workflow

NewsXtreme is a powerful, fully integrated, easy to maintain workflow management system for film and CTP production environments. Its flexible page pairing and imposition engine support up to 16-up plate configurations with dynamic page furniture and bar codes. Customized product schedules can be created in minutes with double trucks, dinkies, and multiple plate configurations, all within the same schedule using the step-by-step product planning wizard. The system's calibration management and separation locking technology ensures the highest output quality. Designed and priced for printers of all sizes needing maximum uptime.

  • Automated page pairing, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 16-up imposition
  • Production tracking and management
  • Rule based intelligent file routing
  • Load balancing & built in redundancy
  • Fan-out/web growth compensation
  • Creep/shingling adjustment
  • Soft proofing with approval
  • High speed, integrated Harlequin RIP
  • PDF Preflight with auto-correction
  • 100% Web-browser interface
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Our personalized demo and discussion will allow us to propose a solution to fit your needs.

Flexible purchasing options including full hosting in our private cloud.

24/7/365 best in class customer service support.

Streamline prepress production with NewsXtreme

NewsXtreme creates the efficiencies printers need in order to maximize their press and employee time while delivering on-time print editions and commercial jobs.

rule based intelligent routing

Production is automatically routed through the workflow based on customizable rules that can be added,edited, and deleted as new commercial jobs are added.

page pairing and imposition

Once the files are preflighted and ripped, the pages are composed for plates. Based on the predefined schedule, the system knows which pages should be paired together. It will also place registration marks, bender marks, text and barcodes dependent on the template being used. NewsXtreme supports page pairing and 4, 8, and 16-up Imposition.

job status

NewsXtreme manages and tracks your products by date, publication, and section so you can see an overallor detailed status of the entire production load.


Proofs are generated from the same high-resolution images that will be sent to your film image setter or CTP Device, ensuring the proofs appear the same on-screen as they will after final output. Authorized users, even clients, can approve all or specific separations to move forward in the workflow.


Proven in more than 150 installations, NewsXtreme can be scaled to fit the needs of any size operation with the Easy, Lite, and Enterprise versions of the solution.

pdf corrector

The system uses a PDF corrector to automatically fix such common file problems from clients including missing fonts, RGB images, RGB black text hairlines, Pantone colors and more.

fully integrated harlequin RIP

As new jobs are being RIP'd, queued jobs are automatically scheduled and sent to your output device and load balanced if using multiple RIPs.

fan out and creep

Sometimes adjustments are needed and NewsXtreme’s built in fan-out and creep adjustment ensures plates are imaging correctly, especially valuable for your commercial clients’ confidence in outputting larger publications.

product planning

NewsXtreme’s product planner and drag and drop plate configuration is extremely flexible and simplifies the process of bringing a new product to press.


“It is a ‘day and night’ difference. I did not realize that we could process so much work through our department with so few employee hours.”

-Standard Publishing

“The approval process is one of the strongest features, especially for remote locations. Prior to installing NewsXtreme, our remote locations would have to call and ask if their page made it to us. Now they can see exactly how they will print.”

-Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer

“For the record, I --LOVE-- how NewsXtreme just plain works. No fiddling, no having to restart the server once a week. It's as close to a "fire-and-forget" system as it gets.”

-Centralia Press

“It is a ‘day and night’ difference. I did not realize that we could process so much work through our department with so few employee hours.”

-Standard Publishing

“The best feature of NewsXtreme is the Presteligence Support Team. Support has been incredible. Each and every one of them has bent over backwards to resolve a problem.”

-Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

I just had to tell you that there just are no words to express my gratitude for what your company did for us today. John was absolutely awesome in his effort to get us through the day and I have to say that in my 40 years in this industry I have rarely seen such customer service and effort put forth by a company to help a customer. I have no doubt that we have made the right decision to partner with Presteligence for our new prepress system and I thank you again for the tremendous effort that enabled us to keep the presses rolling.

-Highland Publishing

optional add-ons

ink optimization

Ink-Miser lets you achieve significant ink savings. By replacing the grey component of cyan, magenta, and yellow with equivalent amounts of black, you will see a savings of up to 30% in your consumable ink costs, all while improving the quality of your printed products.

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ink presetting

XTREME Inking automatically calculates ink density values and digitally sends that information to the press control systems. XTREME Inking saves time and money that is normally wasted at the start of each press run, waiting for a quality page to print. This software achieves the quickest possible start time by utilizing the same data used to make the plates and sharing it with the Press Control System.

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commercial job portal

NewsXtreme Portal allows for automation and creates efficiencies within production and prepress departments while drastically streamlining the process of uploading pages for commercial customers. Directly from the portal website, newspapers can manage their commercial jobs by setting up accounts, configuring print sites, and approving jobs while customers can easily upload and review their job orders

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The foundation of the NewsXtreme RIP solution is built on Harlequin RIP technology. NX RIP provides optimum productivity by RIPing and outputting concurrently. RIPed pages can be imaged directly, or sent to a queue as compressed files. As new jobs are being RIPed, queued jobs are automatically scheduled and sent to your output device.

color calibrated proofing

Recognized in the field as Blackmagic News Extra, Presteligence is the sole reseller of this superior quality calibrated proofing system which allows the press room to create color accurate proofs for advertisers.

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NXT Cloud