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Ink Optimization Software

Achieve significant savings in ink with improved print quality. Ink-Miser automatically replaces areas of cyan, magenta, and yellow with an equivalent amount of black ink, saving up to 30% of your ink consumption. Since you use less ink, your printed pages contain less color saturation without changing the appearance of the images.

System Features

Less Ink Consumption

Optimizes PDFs with GCR using device-linked profiles, and saves ink up to 30%.

Energy Conservation

Less disruption in production results in fewer press start ups. Fewer wasted materials including ink and paper.

Automated Conversion

Processes all color pages. Automatically replaces cyan, magenta, and yellow with shades of black ink.

Easy To Use

Simple installation & implementation. Straightforward user interface. Seamless integration with NewsXtreme and other workflows.

Better Color Reproduction

Get brighter and cleaner colors with more detail. Images “pop” off the page. Minimize color variations throughout the press run.

Save Paper

Improve your press run performance by printing at faster press speeds with faster drying times. Press make-ready is faster with a much wider registration window and make-ready waste is reduced.

Latest updates

Achieve Ink Savings with Improved Print Quality

As ink prices continually escalate, you may find yourself looking for new, less expensive ways to produce your publications with the same integrity and quality you, your readers, and your advertisers are accustomed. Ink-Miser revives your printed pages with improved print quality while saving the expense of costly ink.

How? You ask. In simple terms, Ink-Miser locates all the places on a page where the cyan, magenta, and yellow equal a color of grey. In those areas, the system replaces those colors with less expensive black ink.

The modified images are nearly unnoticeable to the human-eye. Publishers see immediate results. By comparing optimized plates to un-optimized ones, publishers can measure the amount of ink used on each press run in dollars per impression and analyze the quality of the pages.

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