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Editorial System

Manage content for print and digital publishing.

Upgrade from your legacy print editorial system to a cloud-based digital publishing system. Our platform offers publishers content management for stories, photos, galleries, podcasts, videos and ads with multi-channel output to print, web, and social media. Page layout, publication tracking, and automated ad placement on pages streamlines editorial workflow.

Cloud-based services.

Sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Save time and money by switching to our cloud based services. No more hardware to maintain, software to upgrade, and budgeting for capital improvements. Our software is continually upgraded and provides maximum redundancy.

Manage Content Efficiently


Organize stories, photo galleries, video playlists, audio, and ads.

Publish Across Multiple Channels

Write the story once and publish across multiple channels and platforms.

In Depth Tools

Content editing history and extensive versioning controls.


Automation for tagging and featuring stories.


Quick, searchable archive with user-level saved searches.

3rd-Party Management

Manage wire services (AP, Reuters) and other 3rd-party content feeds.


Schedule posts to website and social media sites directly from CMS.

Sports Management

Powerful sports agate formatting.

Content Sharing

Ability to share content to multiple 'sister' sites.


Work Remotely

Be anywhere and paginate the publication. All you need is InDesign and internet access.

Supports Regional And Centralized Production Centers

Group publishers can create centralized production centers—saving money and boosting efficiency.

Layout Automation

Ad layout files (Layout 8000, ALS, etc.) are processed and ads are automatically placed on pages. Drag and drop complete story packets onto pages for lightning fast pagination.

Stay organized.

For print publishers, our integrated digital publishing tools can be configured to support any workflow model:

Digital-first, print-first, or hybrid.

  • Customizable folder “basket” structure with user permission access makes managing any newsroom workflow possible.
  • Photos or galleries can be easily uploaded manually via the user interface or automatically via FTP or RSS feeds. Byline and caption information aresaved as part of this process. Ability to set photos for special toning based on how they will be used.
  • Reporters and editorial staff can be limited to certain folders, in-progress drafts are private.
  • Create video channels to segment your coverage into multiple playlists. Drag and drop upload makes it easy. Each playlist can be assigned its own pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertising.

Staff can work from anywhere.

  • Allows staff to remain mobile and in the field – all they need is an internet connection (no VPN required).
  • Page designers can layout pages from anywhere with our InDesign extension.
  • Create and publish videos, images, and stories directly from your phone or tablet with our mobile friendly editor.

Save time with our story assignment tool.

  • E-mails keep everyone in the loop.
  • Manage your people and resources to ensure you're covering the events your community desires.
  • Content editing history and extensive versioning control.
  • Save assignments to the calendar.
  • Easily access content associated with assignments, a great tool for recurring events to know what was covered, and how.
InDesign Extension

Layout and pagination tools.

InDesign extension makes pagination easy!

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Indesign extension

InDesign Extension Features

InDesign integrated

Integrated with Adobe InDesign (Creative Cloud 2015 and later).

Easily Modify Content

Drag and drop stories, images, elements, and ads onto page.

Ad Population

Auto-populates ads based on ad layout or can be placed manually.

Multiple Versions

Placed stories are saved back to CMS as print version/revision.

Easily Share Content

Story details shared with page designer via extension.

Update page status in real time

Provides preview for page tracking.

Image Library

Commonly used image library at your fingertips.


Alert when story changes after being placed.

Automated E-mails

Automated e-mails notify users of changes.

Page Tracking

Our page tracking interface gives writers, editors, and designers a real-time status of production. As pages are updated by the designers, page previews are automatically generated and made available for proofing. Meet your deadlines with color-coded workflow indicators that make it easy to see what still need to be done.

Indesign extension

Page Tracking Features

Customized color-coded status levels.
Visual indicators for revisions, color/black, and locked pages.
Ability to swap, move, and copy pages.
Preloaded templates expedites menial tasks.
Click to preview and proof page. Approval moves pages to print production.

Ad Layout System Integration

  • Automated creation of publication schedules from planning system files
  • Ad placeholders are shown on pages within InDesign so designers know the location of ads.
  • As ads are created – placeholders are automatically replaced by ad on page
  • Pages are updated when modifications are made to ad location or ad itself

Page Approval

  • Notifications to editors when pages are proof-ready
  • Ability to print proof for hard-copy editing
  • Notifications to designers when pages need corrections
  • Ability to make online annotations on page
  • Ability to rate the page design

Manage Content Efficiently

Easy Website Creation

Our easy to use drag-and-drop layout tool makes it easy to change the look and functionality of your website, mobile site, and even your native app with no programming required. Or have our in house web designer create the perfect site for you. If your team has HTML / CSS coding skills – they have the flexibility to make more advanced changes to the site.

Monetize your content

Grow revenue with high-performance targeted programmatic and local ad campaigns that deliver big ROI for your advertisers. Chose the business model that works for you: All-access, paywall, metering, registration, etc. Supports user authentication with paywall, circulation system, or our built-in registration.Activity logged with publisher’s Google Analytics Tag.

Mobile Optimized

The sites responsive design ensures pages load fast, have great SEO, and look great on every device.

Grow your audience

social media
event calendar
Create engaging articles - complete with videos, photos, multimedia galleries, audio clips and more. Embed advertising to grow revenue.
People love pictures. Display photo galleries with interstitial advertising. Offer photo sales to drive incremental revenue.
Drive traffic with video coverage of local events. Create channels for specific interests such as sports, columnist, food & entertainment - all with ad sponsorship.
Provide a daily digest of your most important and recent news stories that you don't want readers to miss. Give local advertisers the opportunity to be a sponsor.
Social Media
Schedule when stories and albums are shared to social media so you get the utmost engagement.
Encourage user activity by asking fun or political questions. Schedule in advance or make up on the fly.
Event Calendar
Be the resource for what's happening by managing your community event calendar or by allowing users to post events directly.


Allow online subscribers to read the full newspaper in its original printed format. Serving hundreds of publications, our automated processing of pages and stories delivers newspapers to subscribers' inboxes. The responsive designed, self-branded website gives readers an optimal view across all devices.

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Mobile Apps

Go beyond the typical news or e-edition app. Our app has geo-targeted promotions, subscriber rewards, weather, and customized listings in addition to stories, photos, and videos. Statistics prove readers want apps. With our automated and manual push notifications, you will see engagement soar.

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