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web cms
Our Web CMS offers readers a custom designed, responsive website, notification platform, and video platform while behind the scenes gives reporters and editors the utmost ease and mobility in writing, editing, sharing, and following content posted to the website.
  • Low cost multi-channel, digital publishing
  • Option to replace multiple vendors with one solution
  • The Presteligence advantage
backend management

From your phone or computer, quickly write or edit a story, post a picture or video, share on social media, tag, feature, auto-send emails. You have all the tools necessary to get content to your audience in the most automated manner from your phone, tablet, or computer.

write | edit | post
Users can quickly write or copy/paste stories into the text editor from any device with web access. Save as draft or postdate.
Reporters can tag stories, photos, and videos to categories and subcategories as well as indicate if it’s a breaking news story, paid content, or sponsored.
Flag featured content by calendar date or flag as sticky to remain above the fold.
post date
Provides same access across all devices, websites, and apps for your subscription model.
post by
Write and post a story prior to publication so it will automatically appear on the selected date and time.
Easily post content by someone when logged in as yourself.
professional web presence

Professionally designed website with an optimal view on mobile, tablets, and desktop conveys a fresh, modern look to keep your readers coming back.

audience insights
From our basic in-site reporting to your own detailed reports using Google analytics or other analytic partner, all page views, users, clicks, shares, etc. are counted and tracked.
video on demand
Publish and deliver videos to website, widgets, apps, and social media and organize and sell advertising by customized playlists.
flexible subscription integration
Whether your subscription model is all access, paid, free, metered, or any combination, My News 360 Web CMS integrates with your third party circulation system or paywall or we can be the paywall for you using a third party credit card processing system.
built-in notification platform
Registered users can sign up for breaking news alerts or opt into any notification for news posted by categories as well as follow stories and comments. Email notifications come from your newspaper name and can be branded with your logo.
Keep All The Ad Revenue

My News 360 Web CMS provides endless support for ad placement targeting, sizes, and types. If you can sell it, it can be delivered and you keep 100%! We integrate with your current ad serving program.

native advertising
Simply news stories as sponsored indicating they are paid editorial.
in-stream news
Configure ads after the 3rd paragraph of your news stories.
video ads
Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertising designated by playlist or video.
photo interstitials
Find sponsors for your galleries and display ads every 'x' number of photos.
banner ads
Any size, anywhere
mobile adhesion
Keep client's message strong with a mobile banner ALWAYS showing on the phone.
e-mail notifications
Outgoing emails for breaking news alerts and opt-in personalized news can include banner advertising.
advertising directory
Upsell your clients to an online directory where readers can search advertisers, view news about them, see upcoming events, and receive notifications about promotions.
Presteligence Extras
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